Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Autobus for Intercity, Camión for Around Town

At one point in time during my mission, I planned to stuff a pillow case with bus tickets. These are what you got on nearly every bus ride, whether travelling for transfers to another town or just riding from one part of town to another.
The bus systems were not the best, but many times better than walking. Who can forget riding on the bus where the driver had taken out all the seats to fit in more passengers. Riders needed to hold onto rails on the walls or roof of the bus.
I can't be the only one who rode on the outside of the bus. If it was full, you stood on the step outside the door and held on. One time I was holding my briefcase and filmstrip projector while standing on the outside step. My companion was outside of me holding onto the rails to keep both of us from falling out.
Nothing makes a 3 hour trip better than turning it into a 6 hour trip by bus. Send me a picture if any of you have any bus pictures.
I wrote to a cousin of mine in Argentina during my mission and told her we traveled around by camión. She got very confused because in Argentina that is the word for a truck or dumptruck. Interesting the local variations on vocabulary.

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